New York


Living in NY and throughout Brazil, Suzana has been working as Creative Director for almost 20 years. She went through agencies like Africa, JWT and Anomalia, creating new digital and investment and international innovation campaigns for brands such as Converse, Coca-Cola, Google, Fiat and Red Bull. Today is Creative Head of Google (Zoo). She is also a TV and theater actress; and it will be much more enjoyable for you to bring it up with her.

Actress, publicist, Suzana Apeléia is also an alada of the ASAS collective. Among the many functions that Suzana has, she prioritizes: "I'll start with the fun: I'm a mother". For seven years in the United States with advertising, branded entertainment and original designs for arts and culture, plus an international intelligence collective, a space to reconnect with your creative quality.

"For me, what ASAS brought was the possibility of overflowing my ideas and seeing them transforming. It's as if I'm throwing my ideals on fertile soil and seeing it bloom in a much more intense and frequent than in advertising. "

Suzana joined ASAS as one of the names ahead of Costanza & Marilu, in which she was responsible for the transmuted strategy of the talk-show made for YouTube. The only ambition was to reveal the magic that happens when two women over the age of 70 come together. In the case, Costanza Maria Teresa Ida Clotilde Giuseppina Pallavicini Pascolato, entrepreneur and consultant, recognized as one of the leading fashion authorities in Brazil, and Marilu Beer, renowned plastic artist, designer, landscape designer and inventor. "We were convinced to make content made in tune with what the public would find interesting, but respecting their intelligence and praising for quality. Quality turned out to be a non-negotiable business. And we do not allow the brand to interfere with the spontaneity of the program", says Suzana, who believes brands are also beginning to learn that the more authentic the content, the more efficient it is.

In the serie Humanity [in Me], sponsored by Nestlé Molico, the experience was, for Suzana, a turning point, because she saw that it is possible to create content for brand being absolutely authentic and faithful to the audience, placing the mark around the on the contrary, without the mark screaming in the message.

"It was an act of faith because I was used to starting the campaign story for what the brand wants to tell and not what society wants to hear. I saw myself having a kind of creative freedom that I had not had for many years, something that you do not have in an advertising agency, "says the publicist.

In ASAS, according to Suzana, access to other sources of inspiration actually causes different synapses and collaborates for the legacy she wants to leave for the world. "What I want to leave for ASAS is my joy and passion to work with what we think is relevant and interesting, I want people to never lose sight of the bigger mission that we have here, it's not money, it's not just the brand." , she says.

"What are we doing to touch people's hearts and minds? What we do, through our stories, to make people's lives better, to be more fun, to make them think, to transform."

"It is very nice to be able to make a difference in a person's life through a story. My message is to always remember that what you are doing is about making a better world, the life of a better person, whether for two minutes, to tease a laugh of someone who has not laughed for a long time, to open the head of a person who was trapped by some prejudice, to offer something that a person never had. What we do is a human experience.