A meeting between 2 ladies of the contemporary. Two lives with more than seven rich and busy decades. Ladies who see even better after 70. Two foreigners, but Brazilian by choice and decision. A very particular mood.






Costanza Maria Teresa Ida Clotilde Giuseppina Pallavicini Pascolato is a businesswoman and consultant, recognized as one of the leading fashion authorities in Brazil. Born in Siena, Italy, he retains a slight accent and does not lose his temper about himself and his life. She may look aristocratic, but she laughs at herself because she knows it's the best way to live better and better. "The English say humor is a sign of civility" as he likes to comment.




Marilu Beer


Marilu Beer, shortened the name because it does not like long names, is a plastic artist, designer, landscaper, decorator. An inventor of unique style. Born in Buenos Aires, naturalized Brazilian, she has been in Brazil for more than 50 years and maintains her Buenos Aires accent. He has built for himself a life around an aesthetic and a style and he lives in himself the art that he executes and the knowledge that he seeks incessantly. He knows how to laugh at himself, the tragedy and the drama. Because he knows how to use the time in his favor.