São Paulo


"Legacy is an opportunity to build the future without disconnecting from the past. Legacy is the bridge." For Thiago Cesar, one of our winged and brand & editorial manager at Netflix, it is from legacy that we let others build new stories and realities.

Thiago believes the approach has changed today. The audience became a "real audience" and started to demand deeper exchanges through conversations that enrich everybody. After all, this is engagement, right? This sequence of rational and emotional links between people and institutions, causes or brands.

For him, the dialogue today is happening above and beyond the platform. That may be a good side of social networks, by the way. People once considered themselves passive spectators, but today they react and know the power of their reactions. "It has changed everything, brands need to exchange with people, and sometimes learn how to be quiet, and not sell anything, and just share their point of view," he reiterates.

Somehow, people learned how to be a brand from brands as well, and this eventually silently corrupted the digital space: people are being advertisers of themselves", Thiago questions. For him, this brings a sense of eternal, continuous and uninterrupted happiness: we are being contaminated by the happiness of others, which, in general, is not always genuine.

From everything he has observed, he points to a global trend of a giant scale power: a post-social media age, a widespread rejection of social media.

Here at ASAS, Thiago helps us think about concepts applied to contemporary reality, in a sharp point of view about the context and the past. What do the words happiness, media, and privacy mean today? His point of view contributes to the fine-tuning of our way of thinking about the legacy we are building here.

Play the video and listen to this brilliant mind speaking.