From the image of a welcoming female that the patron saint of Brazil inspires, the documentary delves into the themes of tolerance, from interreligious to gender differences.

Aparecida has as devotees people of any social class, religion and place of the country. She is a symbol of maternal heart, kindness and tolerance. Everyone fits under the mother's mantle. Aparecida goes beyond the church she represents, she transcends the differences, everyone feels welcomed in her home.

The film is built by different characters who have exciting, relevant and particular stories about the faith in Aparecida.

The image of Our Lady of Aparecida is considered the greatest symbol of faith in Brazil and, in 2017, its 300 years were celebrated. The documentary depicts the different manifestations of faith in its sanctuary, in the interior of São Paulo, which annually attracts more than 12 million people.

The premiere took place at the 41st São Paulo International Film Festival on October, 2017 and, beginning in March 2018, the documentary officially enters the cultural circuit of cinema throughout Brazil.

A co-production between MAR Filmes and ASAS.BR.COM, directed by Joana Mariani and Paula Trabulsi.