Filmmaker and entrepreneur in the fields of culture and entertainment, Paula Trabulsi is known as an international director and producer with a special ability to add talent and assimilate diverse cultures. Throughout her career, FEMININE has been one of her main theme.

Co-founded BossaNovaFilms in 2005, where she had been as partner for nine years. 

Partner since 2014 at Cine Belas Artes - multiplex cinema - a cultural icon of São Paulo.

Founder of ASAS.BR.COM in 2014 - an International Collective of Storydoers, which create, develop and produce original content for Culture and Entertainment.

Some of his works add:

  • The Image of Tolerance (2018) - documentary – Joana Mariani and Paula Trabulsi – Premiered at the 41st São Paulo International Film Festival – 2017; Selected at Mostra IX Brazilian Film Chicago – (2018); in coproduction with MAR Filmes.

  • When we are Who we want to be? (2017) - documentary – Paula Trabulsi - Premiered on TV GNT-Globosat; shortlisted at WIM Festival - London - 2018.

  • Humanity [in Me] (2016)  – series - Winner at WIM Festival London 2017; semifinalist at Los Angeles CineFest 2017; World Wide Virtual Film Festival (official selection); Winter Short of the Year 2017 – (Special Jury Mention)

  • Humanity [in Us] (2017), also on display on the internet and GNT channel.

  • Father, by Guga Kuerten (2016) - short film – Official Selection at kURZFILMTAGE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL OBERHAUSEN; shortlisted at the category branded content at LIA (London International Award).

  • Bottle’s Bar (2015)  – short film - Awarded at CRISTAL FESTIVAL in Courchevel - France, as one of the best Branded Content projects of 2015.

  • Costanza & Marilu (2014…up today) the SofaChatShow , considered one of the most redeeming programs in the female universe.

  • Astro, an urban fable in magical Rio de Janeiro (2012) - transmedia feature film - Awarded for best supporting actor - Claudio Cavalcanti - at Grande Premio da Academia Brasileira de Cinema 2013.

  • Déjeuner du Matin (1994) - short film was Gold at The New York Festival and is part of the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston.