MARIAS is a touching documentary produced and directed by Joana Mariani, who as a producer, has had critical and commercial successes such as “O Cheiro do Ralo”, “Fabricando Tom Zé”, “Estrada 47” and “Trinta" and as a director, 2 award winning short-films.

As the associate producer, ASAS contributed to the launch strategy of the documentary that also included the short movie FÉ NAS MARIAS and the event #SomosTodasMarias at the iconic Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Both sponsored by Feltros Santa Fé.






A feminine journey into the “Marian” feast in Latin America. Joana travelled around Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua following the celebrations to find out the similarities and differences between cultures in the search for great stories. The result is a unique documentary that demonstrates that the figure of Mary transcends religion.



Short Film


Feltros Santa Fé presented the short movie FÉnasMARIAS to honor all Brazilian artisans. It opens for the documentary MARIAS, directed by Joana Mariani, and focuses on the importance of the patron saints in various South American countries; revealing the true faith in the feminine.

Narrated by Maria Fernanda Cândido, FÉnasMARIAS is an animation featuring felt-made "Marias" by Sheilinha Rodriguez. The film was produced by Vetor Zero and created by ASAS.BR.COM.