Entrepreneur, photographer and artisan, he works in all three trades with equal insight, especially as they all blend into their professional and personal live since his childhood. Partner and CEO of Feltros Santa Fé, one of the largest and most important felt industries in Latin America, has sustainability as its keyword.

“Sustainability is not just a value we uphold, it is the basis of all our company's production.”

In the project THREAD of DESIRE, his photographer gaze was added by filmmaker Paula Trabulsi and cinematographer Arnaldo Mesquita for the rehearsals in Paris of the character Ana Thereza (played by Maria Fernanda Cândido). The poetic result of these images, make up the narrative of THE UNCERTAIN PLACE OF DESIRE in the documentary, in the book, and with protagonism in the photographic exhibition at Cine Petra Belas Artes from 19 August.