Since we began research to make the fiction feature, Desire Line, we are faced with the enormous complexity of desire in contemporary relationships. And there came the almost inherent need to understand and communicate the real meaning of the word "desire."

Maria Fernanda Cândido continues to lend her voice to the documentary as Ana Thereza, who comes with the afflictions of a philosopher, who thinks, thinks, thinks and studies existence, trying deeply to understand the essence of desire, the wild woman, pleasure, and awakening.

In the fictional work the protagonist guides us to her "line of desire", she is the agent, while in the documentary the "line of desire" is being formed by several points of view. There will be two narrative lines that go together, one completing the other.

The first is a presentation of the imagery, of the sensations, of the pulsar of Ana Thereza, and the other is the illustration of this perception mirrored in the real world, through testimonies and the vision of philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists.



Feature film


A woman full of straight lines, who will rediscover her curves.

"Desire Line" is a Romantic Drama that has in its center the awakening of a mature woman.

Ana Thereza is forty-five years old, a philosopher, lives a comfortable life, has a secure marriage and a successful academic career. In Paris, to conduct her post-doc research, she discovers the French medieval mystic Marguerite Porete, and finds a new world where Desire overcomes Reason. This discovery sweeps the certainties of our protagonist, who finds in his translator, the young Frenchman Jean Luis, a catalyst for an internal world hitherto unfathomed,
unknown: that of desire.





The universe that the protagonist researches in her postdoc thesis will be brought to the screen through a mosaic of images, which incorporates brushstrokes from Medieval Aesthetics to contemporary Paris, mainly by the gardens of the French capital, where the protagonist has a habit of sitting to write.

Although aware of its origin in elements of "art film", "Desire Line" is committed to its audience to make it go through an emotionally rewarding experience, through Aesthetic Emotion, not intellectual discussion. Hence its relevance: we believe that good cinema is made to touch people emotionally, to make them live in the projection room, what in their lives they may not.

The film has a delicate narrative, which accompanies this woman on her journey of self-discovery, at an age when social roles are already defined. Thus, it proposes a dialogue with the contemporary woman, who is expected on so many fronts - mother, wife, professional - but who is often lost in the face of so many challenges. The journey of Ana Thereza reflects this same woman, in a search, without labels, of the possible happiness.





The project already captured by the CMS PROAC Tax Incentive Law in the amount of R $ 798,180.50. The first leg of the documentary will be filmed in January / 2018 in Paris.