Lima / Barcelona


“"I understand myself as a cultural designer, who navigates in the areas of innovation, cultural management, content creation and communication." Gabriel Lama or Gabo, as we call him here at home, is one of our youngest winged. Ambitious and attentive to the changes of the world, he couldn’t fit himself in a job description that already existed, so he created his own. He draws cultural experiences.

Gabo began his creative career at age 16, and has been exploring various expression tools since then. From circus to television, from fashion photography to editorial publications, from national radio to visual arts and museums. He developed his talents in communicating on every platform he studied. After several years of non-traditional advertising, he currently works in Barcelona as the cultural manager of DOMINGO, an experimental cultural center in Lima, which he directs.

Much of his work is curatorial. As a cultural designer, he needs to understand platforms, movements, trends, intuitions, research, people and obviously cultures to accumulate enough repertoire to make connections. But how is he able to do that while living in São Paulo, Lima and Barcelona at the same time, in a routine worthy of a digital nomad? This is exactly how he can see things as a whole, being distance and diving. For him, the beauty lies in discovering the universal passions, what makes anyone sigh, anywhere on the planet.

Gabo develops cultural design with processes, paths, experiences, conversations, artistic paths and contents that meet different demands from specific audiences. There is no other way to gain knowledge in this doing if you are not listening to others. This is a competence that has already led him a long way: our young but respected Peruvian has already advised governments, founded collective groups, advised NGOs, companies and brands to find ways to make them find their place in the cultural universe in a relevant way. The goal - in the end - is to help instigate creativity in people.

"Creativity as a human skill. That's my passion."

We're lucky to have him on our talent team. Hear what he has to say.