São Paulo


In his LinkedIn profile, Fernando Luna summarizes everything he does: "create and produce content since when it was simply called journalism." Luna, as it is known here, is one of our high-flyers and editorial director of Editora Globo. Before, he was a partner and director of Editora Trip and chief editor in April. The school is of editorial, and the rigor is of journalism, but his look at opportunities and businesses based on good content has brought him to our flock. This week it's time to share a little more of your way of thinking

"There's a big difference between what's contemporary and what's current," he says. Zeitgeist. Have you heard that word? It means "spirit of time," and defines the invisible agent or force that dominates the characteristics of a particular epoch in the history of the world. It is the point of reference that expresses what has come before and inspires what lies ahead. "When you pick up the contemporary, you can deal more with the signal than with what is noise," he explains. 

Luna was born connected to the contemporary and knows how to read the present very well, but understands that legacy is the vision of the whole that we have left to the world. "Those who can somehow capture what the contemporary spirit is will have a much better understanding of how to communicate. That is when you connect with the real transformation of the world, transformation is lasting." , he says.

With regard to advertising, Luna believes that no one else wants to relate to emptiness or talk alone. No one wants to be impacted by a brand that takes a ride on a cause. Nobody can take the fake anymore, because it's getting harder and harder to pretend what you're not. We are interested in knowing the place that brands occupy in the world, and we are here to open the dialogue. And dialogue is not done without diversity, without exchange and without believing in the process. When talking about ASAS, Luna explains how the sum of the parts takes each of the high flyers to new places, always:

"The fact that ASAS has people of different nationalities, ages, professions and backgrounds discussing the same theme, made us arrive in a place that none of us would if separated from. Results which we would never achieve if the disciplines were separate."

The fact that we have more angles, more points of view, more light on almost everything, is always beneficial, even when it bothers. Luna believes that ASAS is a field of experimentation, a space that few companies dare occupy. "Combining content, entertainment, an ability to read the transformation of the world, understand the timing of the companies and connect the two." He explains. "I love being able to exercise the doubt, to use my creativity in an applied way."