São Paulo


Directly from our SofaChatShow:

Costanza Maria Teresa Ida Clotilde Pallavicini Giuseppina Pascolato is an entrepreneur and consultant, renowned as one of the leading authority in fashion in Brazil.  Costanza was born in Siena, Italy and has a light Italian accent. She has a great sense of humor. “The English say that humor is a sign of vitality”, she says. She may hold an aristocratic posture and appearance, but she laughs about herself, because she knows that laughing is the best way to live longer and better.

Marilu Beer cut her name short to be practical. Artist, designer and decorator - she is an inventor with an unique style. Born in Buenos Aires, but Brazilian by heart, she’s been living in Brazil for over 50 years but kept her Porteño accent. She built her life around aesthetic and style and breathes the art she performs seeking endlessly for knowledge. Marilu can laugh about herself, about tragedy and drama, because she knows how to use time to her advantage.