São Paulo


What drives Barbara is the constant search for communication of a film or audiovisual content with society, and especially, to understand its positioning, its forms and ways of contact with the public.

She refined her look with creative and affective strategies. In its history adds the development of special and innovative projects, such as the Meetings of Brazilian Cinema at Cine Belas Artes. At Pandora Filmes she was responsible for coordinating and launching major films such as Que horas ela volta? which had 500,000 spectators.

Curator of projects and films and presence in markets and festivals throughout Brazil and in the international market are a constant. She is the current content director at Elo Company where she developed the projects: Projeta ás 7 (partnership with Cinemark for the Brazilian film launch), and the Selo ELAS for the promotion of feature films directed by women.

About your entry as a high flyer of ASAS:

“I have been following ASAS closely for a long time and have always admired how they create new and transformative ideas. Now being part of the team I hope to contribute with my experience and wish to learn and deepen my knowledge in creativity and originality with the best! ”