Lead actress and associate producer of the feature film LINHAdoDESEJO

Always connected to the artistic world  (she is crazy about poetry since very young), she took acting course between 1997 and 1998, taught by Fátima Toledo.

With the classes, Maria Fernanda went headfirst into the world of acting. In 1999, she became a huge success as Paola at TV Globo’s Terra Nostra soap opera. After that, her career launched and other roles came up at following soap operas as well as feature films.  In 2003 Fernanda was awarded best actress at the Gramado Festival for her role as a modern Capitu at Moacyr Goes’ movie Dom.

A fan of literature, philosophy and the arts, Maria Fernanda usually study on her own.

In 2003, she began attending philosophic studies meetings at Jair Ribeiro’s apartment. From these meetings, came the idea of turning the debate between friends into business: Casa do Saber (House of Knowledge in literal translation) was founded in 2004 by her and five other partners in São Paulo.  A school offering free courses where Fernanda takes part in the administrative planning and decides, with her partners, about the future courses.