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Meet the projects that inspired the way we work, think and create our projects.


ASTRO, an urban fable in a magical Rio de Janeiro.

A Transmedia Storytelling Concept – the starting point. 

Astro, an urban fable in magical Rio de Janeiro, Paula Trabulsi’s first feature film was amplified into a number of events and contents involving visual arts, street culture, gastronomy and urban interventions related to the film’s plot. 

This project allowed us to experience a new way of collaborative working, where artists from all over the world and professionals from different areas had the chance to contribute with their talent to the final content. Brands were pulverised throughout the film’s narrative in a non-intrusive way and possibilities were created to bring the public closer to contemporary art, one of the main objectives of the project.

This urban fable tells the story of Astro, a Swede (played by the Swedish actress Alexandra Dahlström) called to Brasil to claim an inheritance who ends up staying in town longer than expected and is deeply transformed by the beauty of the city and the charisma of the “cariocas” – specially Alice (played by Veronica Debom). While the story unfolds, artists created works around the main character such as video-art and music. The cast also included Regina Duarte, as Astro’s grandfather’s neighbour, Odilon Wagner as Henrique, and Claudio Cavalcanti as Dr. Ismael Salgado, role awarded by the Brazilian Cinema Academy.

Find out more by watching the project’s videocase here:



The challenge was to expand the experience of “Planeta Terra” music festival beyond the event. A short-film and a web-series were produced where storyline and characters were fictional but the setting and surroundings were real. A story about a theme that is recurrent in our contemporary culture: “vipalization”.
A daring and fun series, PENETRAS DE LUXO is an irreverent criticism to the celebrity worship and the current necessity of people to be in the spotlight. It was screened on Sunday TV (now Terra’s extinct video platform), extending the event’s experience for months after the end of the festival. 

A group decides to crash the VIP area of “Planeta Terra” music festival, in São Paulo. Sergio Augusto, interpreted by Sergio Marone is a celebrity that hates self-promotion and paparazzis but ended up being caught on camera cheating on his famous actress girlfriend with a girl who is trying to crash into the VIP area. This girl, Tati is one of the VIP Crashers.

Watch more here: